Data Saver

Gabhose Data Saver is a server side tunneling software which helps VoIP service providers to offer their customers to place calls even in those geographies where a SIP protocol or other voice protocols are blocked by firewalls or in the low bandwidth areas where it would be otherwise not easy to do so. Mobile Dialer coupled with Gabhose Data Saver reduces bandwidth consumption at the originating end and allows end users to make VoIP calls from mobile device through a secured private network.

  • Reduces bandwidth usage for VoIP calls
  • Runs behind the NAT and firewall
  • Supports clear call quality without disturbance
  • Reduces Post Dialing Delay (PDD)
  • Supports major audio codecs in pass through mode
  • Works with any standard IP based softswitch
  • Works as perfect anti-blocking solution for VoIP
  • Gabhose Data Saver ensures secured communication
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